What Does Success Mean to You?

The definition of success according to google

the accomplishment of an aim or purpose

the attainment of popularity or profit

a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity

But what does it truly mean to be successful in your business and in your career? The answer is not an easy one and it definitely means something a little different for all of us. Sometimes even in failure we find success because those lessons learned and failing forward are in essence, a success.

It is key to also realize that success is a moving target. It’s human nature to continue to strive for more knowledge, more sales, better opportunities, and MORE in general. Success for someone could be money and profit. For someone else success it is waking up every day to do the things you love, even if they are a lot of work and not easy.

Think about a marathon runner. 26 miles is no easy feat and finishing is a success, but then you want to run it faster. Shaving off 10 or 15 minutes is success and then you want to be faster so you continue to set new milestone goals; all of them successes in their own right. How do you define success? Is it a moving target for your as well?