Episode 023- Traits of The Best Bosses

How is it that some bosses symbolize progress and chance, while others are seen as authoritative figures who lack the commitment of their people? Whether you are leading a team or an organization, it is important to do self checks for time to time and do a self analysis about your goals. Are are a few other things that you can do to gauge your qualities…

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Episode- 19 Steps To Developing An Idea!

Inspiration can come from all sorts of things. Sometimes we’re not sure if we should pursue and idea, and other times we run into roadblocks that hinder your progress. In this episode we walk you through a list of easy to implement steps to taking your idea into reality. We had so much fun recording this episode and we hope you enjoy it.

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Episode- 018 Round Table Discussion with Hugo CJ & Mindy Pluma

In this episode we get to know Hugo CJ who volunteers at an organization that serves kids all over the world gain access to medical care not available in their home countries.

We also learn from Mindy Pluma, Finance Manager at One Stop Auto who provides tools and resources to Latinos looking to improve their credit scores.

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Episode- 017 Keys To A Successful Interview or Sales Pitch

One of the biggest contributors to a successful Interview of Sales Pitch is your ability to put into perspective, where things are day and how they can be in the future should the organization move forward with you or client hires your firm. Often times, the focus is wrong. Instead of focusing on having the “right answers” do your research and understand what is the need of the organization, and how you intend to provide/solve the problem or get them closer to the goal. Listen in for more tips that you can put into practice today!

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Episode- 012 Influence Is The Currency = Social Capital

What is Social Capital and how can you use it to scale in your business and career? Also check out some of our social capital friends, and their amazing podcasts/shows that are also looking to highlight the entrepreneurs. movers and shakers who continue to have an impact in our communities s

Christy Maxfield & Cheryl Watkins-Moore from Entrepreneurially Thinking: http://entrepreneuriallythinking.com/

Michael T. Johnson & Tyler Kelley from Innovation City:


Gilberto Pineda from En Breve STL TV


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Episode- 010 Work Life Balance. Does it even exit?

In this episode we discuss our experience with the buzz around work life balance. We give you our personal experience around balancing the demands of work, family life and the impact of social media.

Gabriela mentions https://toggl.com/ as a tool to help you track the amount of hours that you spend online. Please note that we are not affiliate in any way with this tool, but see it as a resource to help our listeners.

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Episode-009 Valuing Yourself & Your Business

One of the hardest thing to do for a lot of business owners is figuring out how to price their goods and services in a way that allows them to grow their business. Similarly, business professionals often struggle with negotiating their salaries. We address these concerns in this episode, and provide tips to help you feel more confident about your next negotiation or pricing session.

Also check out Kelley Hatlee’s article on LinkedIn


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Episode-007 We Are Better Together

In this episode we discuss the power of working together Business partnerships and collaboration is one aspect required in order to succeed. Whether you’re starting or scaling your business, of if you’re looking to move up in your organization, knowing who to tap into and when can mean the difference between merely surviving and succeeding.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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Episode-006 The Power of Networking

If you’re a business professional, own your business or are thinking about starting a new business, you likely understand that networking needs to be part of your strategy. In this episode we share some tips that are sure to help you get the most out of networking.

Being introverts ourselves, we understand what it’s like to struggle through networking events. We hope that the tips in this episode are helpful for you

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